Mascots and character design, The magical essence of a brand’s immortality

Most profitable businesses and brands, which most of them tend to be
extremely famous, have created desirable and memorable faces for
themselves through the characters and mascots they deliberately
created to capture the hearts of people.
In the world of branding, businesses tend to behave in certain manners
to reach out to the society. For that reason, they build characters
and mascots that are the personification of the brands and also act as
their representative.
It can be seen in many places that how characters and mascots have effectively created popularity for the brands, such as Mickey Mouse that symbolizes Walt Disney and is globally recognizable by people of any class and culture.

How do characters and mascots help to increase business revenue?

A brand’s mascot creates a deeper connection with the customers and in successful cases; it even manages to create compassion between the brand and the customers. This compassion and bond that lasts for decades, creates a pleasant and sociable face for the brand that can live on as pleasant memories for every generation. The winning brands with remarkable mascots no longer need to attract customers, for they’ve become a permanent part of their families.


How do characters and mascots make brands forever memorable?

For decades, brands and businesses tremendously invest their budgets to gain famous figures, such as celebrities and champions, as the face of their brands to gain the most popularity.

While these strategies could easy and rapidly lead to increase in sales and popularity, they don’t last so long for a variety of reasons. With the change of trends, market demands or any other sudden negative impacts, the brands experience trouble, leaving them with no choice but to find better alternatives. The greatest downside to such strategy is that when the celebrity or any other figures move away from the picture of the brand, it directly and unhelpfully affects the customer’s interest and shopping behavior.


Fortunately, business owners take direct control of branding and marketing strategy and voice in their own hands, by designing characters and mascots.  As they save revenue by not depending on famous figures, they appoint mascots to eternally play as the brand’s representative and to behave especially within the brand’s gridlines and rules. Therefore it can be seen how businesses can gain fame and boost their revenue through successful mascots.

How Vira Verna Advertising Agency design mascot decent and fitting for your brand?

Designing character that serves each brand’s characteristics and features

We at Vira Verna Advertising Agency evaluate brands strengths and weaknesses comparing to the current market, to design mascots and characters that are synchronized with the goals of the brands and help them raising sales and revenue.

Designing characters for different businesses and different mediums


There are plenty of businesses and companies make use of characters for their productions and services in various fields such as cinema, animation production, computer game production, game animation and cinematic and etc.

Vira Verna International Advertising Agency providing 2d and 3d character designs

Some business owners and managers wonder which type and which technique should be used to design characters and mascots that can truly serve the voice and image of their brands. They wonder if they use simpler and friendlier voice in the world of 2d, or they shine brightly with lively 3d characters. Our designers and experts at Vira Verna International Advertising Agency, will look through brands and analyze business models to ultimately propose and design characters that can sincerely and pleasantly be connected with the target customers.


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