Music and Sound Production

It probably happened so many times that you hear a song or a piece of music that brings back a memory, retelling a joyful moment, or a pleasant experience. That reminder is what brands a place, a person or a community memorable. That is the art of music that can significantly touch brands and businesses in term of branding and advertisement.


Allow Vira Verna to play your brand’s notes and turn them into symphony of fame and magnificence!

Our creative teams, in Vira Verna Advertising Agency, strongly encourage brands to complete their branding structure by including signature music that constantly plays to customers and acts as the introduction for a brand. Therefore, when the customers hear a specific brand music, they remember the actual brand, its colors, its feel and the experiences they had with the brand. Even though brand music greatly influences the quality of art of branding and advertisement, it also greatly influences with business income support.
It was the recognition of the power of music in advertising teasers that gave importance to its role and advantages in the advertising industry. Nowadays, we don’t’ hear much about colorless advertising messages as the early days that radio and television entered in to our lives. Creative directors tend to speak for the brands through brand music and sound. In Some advertising teasers, a brand music can be executed very loud and vivid to empower the brand. Sometimes it can also be heard very smooth while staying as a music background of a teaser. No matter how you look at Brand music, or how it’s been utilized, it’s a fundamental element of modern-day branding and advertisement.

Hear what Vira Verna orchestrates for brand music!

Vira Verna is the first advertising agency in Iran that produces
original music for branding and advertisement that strictly follows
and respect international copyright laws. With the rise of importance
of music strategy in modern-day branding, Vira Verna Advertising
Agency provide variety of services that enhances aural branding and
advertising experiences:

Brand music production and strategy consultancy

Audio recording and advertising music score consultancy

Audio recording, voicing and narration

Mixing and mastering of music and sound

Composing movie soundtracks

Composing theatrical soundtracks and background music

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