Graphic Design, Video and Animation
The Persian tiger or Caspian tiger was one of the tiger subspecies and the largest after Siberian tiger in the world. Unfortunately this valuable species has been extinct within half a century ago. It inhabited in a wide area from western China to the Black Sea coast included Central Asia, Caucasus and North of Iran. Tiger hunting, uncontrolled hunting of its preys such as deer, rabbits, wild pigs; destruction of reed beds and marshes are some of important factors in their extinction. Let’s prevent such a future for other animal species in Iran with more delicacy. The short clip demonstrates process making of a poster dedicated for awareness about preserving wildlife, natural resources, and endangered species. The poster was done in Adobe Photoshop, by using digital painting and photo manipulation. The music score and sound effects were done by VaraVerna’s own composer. The music for the mentioned animation carries cinematic elements with ambient theme. The sound of ticking clock in the background symbolized the passing time and work development.
Director: Taregh Saber
Graphist: Negar Amini
Composer: Omid Eskandar
Used Tools:
Motion Graphic:
Photoshop-After Effects-Premiere


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