Music & sound, Video and Animation


Sadyar  Center for Psychoanalytic


The visual identity design of the Sadyar Center for Psychoanalytic is possible thanks to the presence of these Tools:

Photoshop, Ellsiter, After Effects, Premiere;

Sound and music:

QB, FL Studio, reason;



Director: Taregh Saber;

Graphic artist Behnam Ahmadzadeh;

Storyboard: Majid Ghazali ;

Animator: Vahid Sahraei, Sasan Ghanbari ;

Composer: Omid Eskandar;

Voice: Milad Mohammadipour, Fateme Golchin, Alireza Boroumand;

Copywriting: Kiarash Ramezannejad ;

Editor: Morteza Ahadi;


The Viera Verna advertising Agency is ready to offer the following services in the form of Visual Identity Design, brand design and logo design to interested audiences:

Logo design, administrative design, website design and visual identity design.

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