Video and Animation


 Bondar Band


Video Advertising for a “Shabe Hezaro Yekom” Play is possible thanks to the presence of these Tools:

Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere;

Sound and music:

QB, FL Studio, reason


Art Director: Tariq Saber;

Cinematography and editing: Morteza Ahadi;

Composer: Omid Eskandar;

Reporter: Kiarash Ramezannejad;

Video Advertising for The “Shabe Hezaro Yekom” Play;

The item in this section is a promotional teaser prepared for the introduction of video interviews with the director, composer and performers of The “Shabe Hezaro Yekom” Play. In the production of this teaser, it has been tried to focus on the importance of The “Shabe Hezaro Yekom” Play performances, while respecting the time limit imposed on social networks to show this kind of advertisement.

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